Did your mouth start watering ?

The crackling sound of a crispy dosa, the flavour of hot, fresh and right off the pan ripe food with an aromatic and tangy sambhar alongside coconut chutney is matchless. The sight of white freshly steamed idlis has no equal for breakfast options once it submerges in hot and tangy sambhar packed with flavours. It is definitely a great way to start off your first meal for the day.

But not everything comes easy. As much as it sounds appetising to the soul, a lot of novice people just find it hard to go through all the pain for this perfect meal. Imagine getting hold of an exceptional quality of batter for your South Indian cuisine needs. Something that makes cooking easier and tastes even better.


There is no default in reaching out to the consumers undeniable
urgency and time schedule.


The grinder batter is made to run before it could learn to walk.


The batter from the production house is akin to a raise to the consumers’
kitchen, before being timed out

Batter Matters!

Idlis prepared from well processed batter are acclaimed as one of the best breakfast foods in the world. The tasty rice cake originated from Bharat’s subcontinent among other foods in the southern parts. It is known that the Dravidians of Tamil Nadu brought out significant benefits of steam baked food for healthy eating.

Promise to Keep

The House of Pai’s Southern Delights dedicates itself to the supreme cause of the consumers health every time, with renewed fervour, reassuring a product that has a commitment for excellence